The first, and still the best, gesture based interface for mobile email triage.  Boxer pioneered the gesture based approach to swiping your inbox clean.  And now our patent pending configurable gestures allow you to fit Boxer to your own workflow.


See friendly faces in your inbox with the addition of profile images. We pull in photos from Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gravatar & your Apple Contacts or you can always take or select a photo yourself.

Combined Inbox

We built Boxer for busy people like you who need access to all of their email in one app. That’s why we support Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, iCloud, Google Apps, Hotmail/ & Exchange.  Boxer lets you combine all your accounts into a single, unified inbox.

Full Label Support

Boxer supports all your existing folders, labels and tags.  If you’re a frequent labeler or foldererrrrrr, try changing your swipe gestures to set labeling as a default.

Integrated Todos

Move important messages to your personal To-do list with Boxer. You can add a due date, priority or assignee to any item and sort by those fields.  And Boxer combines your todo lists across accounts so you’ve got one unified place to see all your follow up items.

Email Likes

That’s right, we added a Like button to email. Like sends a quick message to the sender letting them know you liked their message.  It’s the fastest way to let someone know you saw their message while you’re on the go.

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The first open platform for mobile email


Cloud Storage

Need to send a file on the go?  Connect to Dropbox or Box to select a file right from within Boxer.  And Boxer’s deep integration with Box means you can view Box attachments without needing to click through on links or re-authenticate.


Want to save an email in Evernote?  That’s just one tap away.  Save emails and attachments to Evernote right from the Action Grid or set a default swipe action to send to Evernote for even faster clipping.


SaneBox for Boxer brings the  industry’s smartest email filtering service to  the world’s best mobile email solution. SaneBox  determines the importance of  email based on your past interaction with your Inbox and automatically moves unimportant messages out of your way.


Boxer for Salesforce brings the power of the world’s #1 CRM app to the world’s most advanced mobile inbox to drive sales rep engagement. Get to the future of email first with Boxer for Salesforce. Learn more.

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