When we set out to build Boxer, we committed ourselves to creating the world’s best mobile inbox. We began by building Boxer around our users, knowing that we couldn’t deliver anything less than two unique, native apps on iOS and Android. We also knew that to build the two apps we would need two very different designs in order to express two very different personalities. Android users like to customize their devices, and Boxer for Android represents months of getting to know the Android user and their needs.

Designing and building Boxer for Android has been an opportunity to reimagine the Boxer experience. We’re bringing the best features from Boxer for iOS and blending them into a style that feels right at home on your Android home screen.

Swipe Actions

Take quick and meaningful action on your messages with the first, and still the best way to swipe through your mobile inbox.

Integrates with your favorite services

Bring together all of the ways you stay connected into one mobile inbox. Sync your Dropbox, Evernote, LinkedIn, Box, and more.

Like Email

Like messages to send a quick note to the sender, it’s the fastest way to let someone know you saw their message while you’re on the go.

Boxer - Nexus 5

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