02 Jun Boxer Goes Material

Great news for all of our Android users out there! Boxer has gone material.

We are incredibly excited to share the biggest update to Boxer for Android since we launched. 

We’ve been very inspired by the new material design guidelines that Google unveiled last year, and are very proud today to unveil our own app redesigned from the ground up with this new, more intuitive style. Some fun things you’ll notice include the new floating action button, full height navigation drawer, color and style updates in the toolbar and status bar, circular avatars, and a whole new icon set! And if geeking out on things like “floating action button” isn’t your thing, you’ll still notice how beautiful the app looks.

But it’s not just our design team that’s been busy; the rest of the Android team has made this the biggest update to our Android email app since its launch last September. We’ve made a TON of upgrades and fixes and listed them all below (disclaimer: reading the entire list will likely take your entire lunch break), but here’s a few of the highlights and a quote that helped inspire this update…


“There’s a way to do it better. Find it.” – Thomas A. Edison

  • Faster mail searching on Gmail accounts
  • Improvements made to IMAP syncing
  • Improvements made to app speed
  • You can now create a new folder/label
  • Improvements made to battery usage
  • Updated translations


This is exciting news for our Cyanogen users as well. Within the coming weeks this update will be shipping to them as Boxer’s first OTA update. Our partnership will greatly benefit users now that Boxer will be capable of pushing out updates with new features, design updates, and bug fixes much more often.

If we’ve fixed an issue you’ve been having, or you just love the new design and speed improvements, it would mean a lot to our team to see some more 5 star reviews. We do our best not to be intrusive asking for these, but they are vital to our company’s growth and success. Not to mention, it’s nice to hear that people enjoy the long hours we often put in.

And last but not least, we’re sorry this update took longer than normal to get out, but there will be some additional major announcements coming soon… so you may want to leave some available time on your schedule (wink wink) in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

And now, the list…

  • Boxer has been redesigned to incorporate Material design
  • App name has been changed to Email to better align with its functionality
  • Improvements
    • Added support for max HTML body truncation EAS policy
    • ConversationView is now secured using Content Security Policy (CSP)
    • Faster mail searching on Gmail accounts
    • Improvements made to IMAP syncing
    • Improvements made to app speed
    • You can now create a new folder/label from the Folder Selection Dialog
    • Improvements made to battery usage
    • Debug menu is always shown for beta builds in Settings
    • You can now see how many open IMAP connections each account has in Debug menu
    • Added “About” to Settings
    • You can now access the tutorial from Settings
    • Opening a conversation with attachments now loads faster
    • Added support for translating special folders
    • Updated translations
    • UI changes to notification actions
    • Speed improvements to loading individual account settings
    • Huge speed improvement to syncing IMAP/Pop3 accounts. UI now renders synced messages faster
    • Improvements to linkifying phone numbers in email bodies
    • Fixed issue with downloading installable attachments
    • We now remove the TO field if an address was not specified for it (i.e. an email only contains CC and not TO)
    • Handle attachment names with % characters correctly
    • Pop3 is now available as a choice when adding an account via AccountManager (i.e. Android Settings->Accounts). All existing Pop3 accounts are also migrated to the Pop3 type so it shows up correctly in AccountManager
    • Tweaks to UI in ConversationView and Compose screen
    • Added “Manual Setup” button to account setup flow
    • Added invitation icon in conversation list next to “Exchange” emails that are meeting invites
    • Better handling of IMAP push failures
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issues in EAS autodiscover
    • Fixed a UI issue in account setup
    • Fixed battery drain bug related to downloading attachments
    • Fixed issue resolving a contact’s avatar due to pattern matching not being case insensitive
    • Fixed app crash if Quick Reply view was showing from ActionGrid and device was rotated
    • Fixed issue where incorrect notification snippet was being shown
    • Fixed various bugs with custom mailboxes
    • Fixed battery drain bug with EAS pings
    • Fixed issue where swiping a message did not visually show it was part of the selection set
    • Fixed crash when adding widget on Samsung devices running 4.4.4
    • Fixed issue where onscreen keyboard remained visible if navigation drawer was closed while user was adding/editing a custom mailbox
    • Fixed issue where widget would never update to show new emails/changes
    • Fixed issue where unread/total counts were shown in FolderSelectionDialog (i.e. message move/label dialog)
    • Fixed issue where Liking a message when the “sender name” had not been set would send “null” as the sender name. The email address is now used if sender name is missing
    • Fixed issue where a sync could crash and leave the Android sync adapter thinking a sync was still ongoing. This would prevent future syncs from happening
    • Fixed an IMAP issue where connections weren’t getting closed properly which could lead Boxer to have too many open connections to a server
    • Fixed issue where tutorial was not shown if accounts were added from Android Settings->Accounts
    • Fixed issue where messages sent by the user would cause that thread to move to the top of the conversation list
    • Fixed issue where an “unable to authenticate” notification might bring up an Intent chooser when tapped
    • We now handle the scenario where a user tries setting up a Gmail account as non-oauth but the account requires two step which can only be authenticated via oauth
    • Fixed issue where sub-folders of a special folder were not showing up in the UI
    • Fixed issue where Roadrunner accounts could not be added
    • Fixed crash when rotating device while a To-do sub-view was open
    • Fixed issues calculating total/unread counts for combined inbox
    • Fixed issue where loading inline images caused the entire ConversationView to re-render for each image downloaded
    • Fixed an issue where an attachment couldn’t be downloaded or saved if there was not an app available on the device to open it. You can now download/save whatever you want
    • Fixed SSL connections in Android 5.0+. Google made changes in Android that required us to make some fixes
    • Fixed loading attachments on a forwarded message
    • Fixed issue where “couldn’t sign-in” notifications could get shown when the issue was caused by a network related problem
    • Fixed issue where cached attachments couldn’t be sent as attachments.
    • Fixed Exchange contacts syncing
    • Fixed issue where an EAS autodiscover failure was not populating the server field with the autodiscovered result
    • Fixed pattern matching of special folders for various providers (this fixes duplicate folders)
    • Fixed issue where drafts & sent messages were still getting grouped into a conversation even when the account had conversation threading explicitly turned off
    • Fixed crash when entering sync options on an EAS account
    • Fixed crash when adding widget and picking an empty folder
    • Fixed EAS 451 redirects
    • Fixed EAS autodiscover
    • Fixed issue where image attachments sent from an Apple iPad did not show up in ConversationView
    • Fixed crash when adding widget on tablets
    • Fixed crash when rotating device while swipe settings were shown
    • Fixed Comcast provider configuration so autodiscovery works
    • Properly handle Exchange servers that support messages existing in multiple folders
    • Fixed an issue where IMAP/Pop3 syncing would never start on a newly added account on a new app installation
    • Addressed opening attachments that don’t specify a valid URL
    • Fixed issue where “Edit” button was not visible if you previously hid all combined + custom mailboxes
    • Fixed issues adding t-online.de & de accounts
    • Fixed issue where Android 4.4 and below could not open certain attachment mime types
    • Fixed issue where you couldn’t pick a folder that had children when adding the widget to your home screen
    • Ensure tapping a notification never shows an Intent chooser
    • Ensure we always respect the “Sync Email” setting. Push will be disabled if this setting is unchecked. Only manual syncs will occur
    • Addressed issues with all day events spanning multiple days
    • Fixed issue where forwarding emails that had unloaded attachments could result in the message getting stuck in the outbox or sending with less attachments than expected
    • Fixed app crashes when launching Boxer from CM’s “Protected Apps” container
    • Notifications now correctly show the latest message snippet text
    • Fixed auto-configure of Freenet provider
    • Fixed rare blank navigation drawer when custom fonts are used
    • Fixed Archive + Mark Read
    • Fixed issue where messages could get stuck in the outbox if there was a failure initially trying to send them
    • Fixed an app crash on Android 4.1