28 Jul Introducing Boxer Calendar

Today the Boxer team is incredibly proud to share with you Boxer Calendar available on both iOS and Android!

icon_500_inverseWhile Boxer Email has been available across both iOS and Android with support for all major email services (Exchange, Office365, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), adding Calendar has now made Boxer the most complete mobile productivity solution available. Why is being complete so important? Well for starters, we can only think of one other company that shares our footprint of email and calendar, supports all account types, and is available on all iOS and Android phones and tablets… and their market cap is north of $350B.

Here at Boxer, our team shares a vision that mobile productivity tools require speed, reliability, and integration with one another to make them truly useful. When you are invited to a meeting with a colleague or coffee with a friend, that invite comes to your inbox. With Email and Calendar integrated, these tools can now work together. Now when you receive an invite, you no longer have to leave that email to see if you’re available:

…and if you’re not, you can suggest some times that work with just a few taps.



Availability_right_squareNo more switching back and forth between apps. No more back and forth emailing trying to find a time. It’s these types of deeply integrated features that make productivity tools genuinely convenient on mobile devices.

This is just the beginning. We’ve spent a lot of time building the basics. Making sure we have Activesync for Exchange, local calendar sync, and coming soon Gmail and Yahoo support for CalDav. Today, users can already view and sync their local calendars and can sync directly to their Exchange and Outlook calendars. With the foundation built, we are turning to our users to hear what you want us to build next. This is the fun part, because we can now build features that only a company with both email and calendar can provide.

Our partners have been using and testing Calendar for months and have provided us wonderful feedback on both the functionality and the beautiful design. We’re excited to announce one of our partners, Cyanogen, will be releasing Boxer Calendar as the default calendar on new devices shipping the Cyanogen OS in the coming months. We’re thrilled about Boxer’s distribution, as more users provide more feedback, in turn making a better product.

All in all, we are extremely proud of the progress we’ve made over the last 3 years. We are even more excited to bring what we’ve already learned to the mobile calendar. So please share with us today what you would like us to build tomorrow. And download and try Boxer today!